Recruitment Agencies

This message applies to all recruitment agencies looking to represent people.

We currently have a Preferred Supplier List that we work with. Please do not send us any CVs if you are not on our Preferred Supplier List. We do not accept speculative CVs. Any speculative CVs that are sent in this way will not qualify as your ownership of the candidate. CVs must be submitted via our Recruitment portal.

We receive a large number of requests from agencies, so it is difficult to get back to everyone. We are happy with the agencies that we are currently working with and do not have any immediate plans to review our Preferred Supplier List until 2017.

We get a lot of interest and a high volume of calls from recruitment agencies. We do appreciate the interest you have in our business; however we are unable to keep in touch with all of you.

Please note: If you approach our Line Managers directly this may affect your status on our Preferred Supplier List.